What a humbling walk this must be–

What a humbling walk this must be–


New restaurant staffed with Deaf waiters

Victoria Kaloss:

Happy Monday–The Signs are looking good :)

Originally posted on I Think Differently:

A Toronto restaurant called “Signs” is staffed entirely with Deaf waiters, a first for Canada.

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Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham — back in NZ in 2015

Victoria Kaloss:

New Zealand and Aaron: A Perfect Match

Originally posted on I Think Differently:

Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham is a 22 year-old wheelchair moto-cross athlete from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the third of six children, all adopted.

Aaron started riding at skate parks at the age of 8 when his older brother Brian said he should drop in a quarter pipe. He had been going to the park with Brian and their dad for weeks, but Aaron would just watch from behind the fence. The first time was scary, and he fell, but he was never one to give up just because it wasn’t easy. So he tried again. From then on he was hooked.

He has won a few BMX free style competitions, including the 2005 Vegas AmJam BMX finals, but for Aaron that is secondary to the joy of riding and hanging out with friends at the skate parks. After posting that “first ever back flip” on the Internet, life…

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A little something to do this weekend—

A little something to do this weekend—

Please read – First Responders need heroes, today.


Today seems the best time to educate and illuminate the public toward the perilous current events surrounding medical care for
the 9/11 First Responders.

The heroes thirteen years ago today are present day disabled, chronically ill and terminally ill.

Their benefits are in jeopardy.

Their dignity – never in question by Americans -

threatened by internal and external structures

structures still standing,

remaining in power,

standing by,

standing still,

crushing heroic rights,

never their spirits.

“You can judge a nation by the way it treats its most vulnerable” ~ Aristotle




Beautiful memoir on an ugly day~~


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